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Green Mountain Reservoir, Summit County, Colorado, Lake Trout, Fledglings, Lunch
Lunch is Served
Eagle, Fledgling, Nest, Green Mountain Reservoir, Summit County, Colorado
Leaving the Nest
Big Bear Creek Ranch, Autumn Wagon, Placerville, Colorado
Autumn Wagon
Sneffels Range, Owl Creek Pass, Colorado
Sneffels Range
Rainbow, Wilson Mesa, Colorado, evening
Unsetteled Evening
The Castles, Ohio Pass, Gunnison County, Colorado
The Castles - (2)
Autumn, Colorado, Kebler Pass, Gunnison County
Autumn Colors (2)
Aspen Leaves, Kebler Pass, Gunnison County, Colorado
Blowing Aspen Leaves
Aspens, Autumn, Colorado, Fall, Kebler Pass
Autumn Colors
Aspens, Colorado, Dolores Peak, Scrub Oak, Wilson Mesa, Placerville, Colorado
Dolores Peak from Wilson Mesa
Indian Paintbrush, Flowers, Shrine Pass, Colorado
Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers
Gore Range, Purple Lupine, Summit County, Colorado
Purple Lupine