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7/26/2015: New Images Added

New Images Added

I've recently added new images from Deerfield Beach, Florida, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Crested Butte, Colorado. I hope you enjoy them.


12/24/2012: Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

May the good tidings and warmth of the holiday season be there for you throughout the year. Thanks for your support in 2012.


February 26, 2012: New Content Added

New Content Added

I am adding new content to the site almost daily and will continue to do so for the next several weeks. Please continue to check back frequently, or subscribe to the site newsletter. I am currently working through coral reef and oceanscape images from Bikini Atoll and Belize.

I will be returning to Rocky Mountain National Park in early March hoping to capture a few Winter scenes there while snowshoeing.


February 10, 2012: Site Status Update

Site Status Update

Since the launch of the new site a week ago, I have continued to refine the site content. I'll be adding new material to the galleries over the next several weeks, so please check back frequently. If you would like to receive email alerts when new content is added to the site, please subscribe to site newsletter. Your contact information will remain private and you'll have the option to unsubscribe at any time.


February 6, 2012: New Website Launch

New Website Launch

Over the past few months my photography website has been undergoing a major transformation. For some time now I have wanted to recreate the site to unify the content and offer my customers new product options. I am very pleased to unveil the new design.

Many thanks to Jack and Jesse from WideRange Photo LLC for their creative vision, support, and sound advice.


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